Who am I? 

Glad you asked! Born and raised in San Diego, I have always felt a connection with nature, animals and my own version of spirituality. After graduating from UCLA (do we have any Bruins in the house?!) I moved back to San Diego to a small little beach town called Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach is located right on the coast where I resided for 3 years (The longest I have lived anywhere since I was 18) and found my love of yoga through a small earthy yoga studio. After going to this studio for about a year, I began flowing on my own at home and on the beach (I mean who wouldn’t want to do yoga at the beach?) and for the first time in my entire life, I began to feel grounded.

After those 3 long yet short years of living in Pacific Beach, I become complacent which was a new feeling for me (given that I was used to moving every 6-9 months). Naturally, I decided it was time to move to experience the big city life. One of my many goals in life is to experience as many lives as I can, and this was one I knew I needed to experience while I was still young. After a treacherous 2 weeks of job hunting (jokes aside, that was pretty quick right?) I landed my first position at a Tech Company in San Francisco.

During my time in San Francisco, I discovered new a new lifestyle by channeling my love for animals and became a pizza loving vegetarian. Unfortunately, I was so busy I put my yoga practice on the back burner while I tried to keep my head above water by cruising the rails of muni and enjoying the fast-paced nightlife of San Francisco. After one year, I decided it would be best to seek a new place of residence where I can focus on different goals. That is how I decided to move once again to San Antonio, Texas. This move has allowed me re-focus on my love for yoga, be closer to my family and prioritize my new lifestyle change to a purely plant-based diet.

What is my purpose?

Long story short: (for those that wanted to skip the first three paragraphs) This blog is my new safe space to freely express my joy and love for yoga and my new creative plant-based recipes. You should expect to see my own personal take on all things yoga, my favorite and I mean FAV-OR-ITE yoga attire, plant-base recipes, and my own life experiences!

Hope to see ya’ll in the near future!