Yoga Poses

Ustrasana | Camel Pose

Happy almost Friday! aka Thursday

This past week I have been really diving into backbends, trying to gain and as much back flexibility as possible in my practice. I typically flow every other day including poses that I have been working on throughout the past couple weeks. The other days, I focus on deep stretching with a strap. I am VERY inflexible, as you may have read previously, so the deep stretching will be a key factor to successfully getting into those more challenging poses.

Today’s challenge is Camel Pose known as Ustrasana in Sanskrit. Ustra means Camel and Asana stands for pose. Pretty simple right?


Now before we run off and try to get into this bendy pose, let’s talk about the many health benefits that come with Camel Pose!


  • Reduces the fat on your thighs
  • Improves Digestion
  • Opens the heart and hip flexors
  • Stretched the lower back and shoulders
  • Stimulates endocrine glands
  • Releases pent-up emotions
  • May help with fatigue, menstrual cramps, diabetes, respiratory issues, anxiety and depression.

Getting into the Pose:

  • Begin with your knees on the ground, hip width apart and ground yourself by connecting your knees to the earth below you.
  • Place your hands on your back, squeeze your shoulder blades together while pressing your hips forward.
  • Take a deep inhale, press your hips forward and squeeze your buttocks together as you begin to lower.
  • You can keep your hands positioned on your back or lower them to your feet depending on how deep your backbends are.
  • Relax your neck as you extend through the crown of your head and gaze above.
  • hold the pose from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and slowly lift up to a straight back, one vertebrae at a time.
  • Lower down into childs pose to relax the back and counter the strain from the pose.

Keep in mind, if you are a beginner, you may not be able to touch your feet quite yet, but that’s ok! Grab a block that you can position it on your feet for a little help until you deepen your backbend. remember safety is the most important thing to always have in the back of your head!

Thats it for today! Keep on and Namaste on y’all ❤




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