Yoga Terms

What is Mantra?

I thought I would use my first post to explain exactly what a Mantra is given my branding is Moonlit Mantra. Go figure, it actually means something?

A Mantra is a repeated word or phrase that is typically used in the form of meditation. Broken down in Sanskrit, Man means thought and tra means instrument. So Mantra literally means, and I mean LIT-ER-ALLY means thought instrument. Does it make sense yet?

But it all realness, it took me a while to understand two things:

1. What are Mantras?

2. How I can use Mantras to empty my mind and allow me to focus?

I remember my first yoga class at a real studio, not the gym or a youtube video (those were the days) but a real studio with the earthy vibes and a room full of people at all different levels of their own practice. I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t as confident in my ability to flow as well as the others. Throughout the flow, we would take moments to meditate while chanting Mantras, such as the most familiar Om over and over again. To be completely honest with you, I sat there with my eyes open thinking “Why am I in this class and what the hell is going?” 

After a couple classes, by a couple I mean like 6 months, I opened up my mind a little and said, “what the hell, let’s try this out.” After letting go of my insecurity, I sat there, eyes closed, body relaxed, in half lotus pose and chanted Om over and over again for about 5 minutes. During this time, I felt all my troubles, all my insecurities, all my anger and hatred for what was going wrong in my life completely leave my mind. My mind was empty, I felt relief and focus for the first time in my life. This moment showed me the power of meditation through Mantras. It showed me my emotions do not have to control me. The stress of the day was gone, the negative thoughts were nowhere to be found, all I could focus on was the here, the now and accepting that things will be alright. It was what I needed thus inspiring my name of Moonlit Mantra.

Moonlit came from my insomnia and love for to gaze a the moon that replicates the same feelings of the Mantras I’ve experienced.


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